I grew up in Seoul, South Korea until I was eleven years old when my family emigrated to the United States. We landed in newly-built Tom Bradley International Airport in LAX, on a bright April afternoon.
When it was time to go college, I got accepted to RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and UCLA. I chose the latter and became a graphic designer after graduation.
Since then, I've garnered extensive and wide-ranging experience as a designer – from collateral to branding and packaging, and to designing for internet. Always carrying the project from concept to completion.
I moved to Portland five years ago looking for a change of scenery after my dad passed away. What I ended up finding was my renewed appreciation and zeal for art, and a clearer understanding of the life, the journey and the world in which immigrants exist.
If you find here the kind of skills and experience that interests you, feel free to contact using the form on this page. Please be specific about your project, and serious work inquiries only. 
Thank you!
Worked on Projects for Clients as Follows:
Disney | 20th Century Fox | Lionsgate | ConAgra | Oscar Meyers | Amgen
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