38 ft Wall Mural for eBay Portland Office–3rd Floor Expansion
The assignment was to create a mural that visually communicates eBay's five core company values against the backdrop of favorite regional landmarks.
Even though this was a great opportunity for an eye-catching typography, I decided to stay away from making it word-driven. I felt that the  mural should be for the people who spend most of their waking hours in the office. I wanted to offer whimsy, humor and the best of Pacific Northwest, which is its great outdoors.
I imagined up a story that the Sasquatch and his side-kick pup are exploring the Oregon wonderlands from the far coast to the Cascades, as if they were the 21st century Lewis and Clark in a VW van. When not outside, they are brewing up craft beer using an instrument that resembles Portland's very own historic Steel Bridge.
I painted while the employees were moving in and setting up their workspaces on the newly expanded 3rd floor of the downtown outpost. It was gratifying to see their reactions and excitement as my imagination unfolded on the wall. 
By the way, the side-kick pup is modeled by my dog, Nike. Cheers!

1. We are Richly Diverse.
2. We are Inventive.
3. We are Courageous.
4. We are Driven.
5. We are Our Brand.


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